Lessons from a toddler: I am twong

Y’all. I chose the most interesting time to launch my book. I am working full-time, and packing up a 5-bedroom house to move this weekend. I’m doing interviews for a new series for my Birth Photography business, building web sites for two friends, and working on a podcast. I’m moving away from family members I’ve lived with for years. Plus, I’m a first time author so I’m doing my darnedest to read all the marketing books, and make the most of a limited budget to get this book out there.

Let me back up a little. This past year has been one of the weirdest of my life. Well, I take that back. It’s been one of the weirdest of the last ten: complete with sudden but inevitable betrayals, loss of “friends”, alienation of family members, and some major life changes, including the brand new business and the decision to finally publish.

If I’m honest, I haven’t handled all these changes with as much grace as I would like to have. What I HAVE learned, though, other than my own shortcomings, is some amazing perspectives on complexity of character and human nature, which is making me so excited to start the sequel to Finding Fairy Tales. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my li’l Molly and Hatch. They are awesome characters. And I love my villains too. But the last year has given me so much more understanding of human behavior, and I can’t wait to implement my newfound knowledge.

But I digress. A week or two ago, my mom sent a video to our family chat of my little 2-year-old nephew, recklessly turning over tables (literally), and declaring “I am twong!” with absolute, unreserved confidence. My sisters and I have probably watched it hundreds of times by now and it never gets old. The sight of him flexing his tiny muscles, standing there in a t-shirt and a diaper, and shouting “I AM twong!” has been the source of untold joy in this house. It’s become a part of the family repertoire, in fact. Family chats often look something like this.

Sister 1: “Sister 2 will you go to the store after work?”

Sister 2: “Yes, but I am exhausted”

Sister 1: “Do you need me to do it?”

Sister 2: “No, it’s okay. I am tired but I am twong.”

So it may be the busiest week of my life. It may have been a tough year. My newfound knowledge may have been painfully won. I may celebrate my book launch with a glass of wine from deep inside a pile of half unpacked boxes. But it’s cool, cause I am twong!

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